Your Design. Handmade in Germany.

Private Label Production


Ludwig Schöder specialises in the production of high-quality leather belts. We  offer an extensive service in the creation and production of your designs, using the expert knowledge and  specialised contacts-to tanneries and closure suppliers- we have acquired in our almost two century long history. We are able to support you throughout all the important steps: begining with the development phase, moving into the procurement of materials until the very last stages of production.


CNC Cutting


Our abundance of modern equipment- two CNC cutting machines- allows us to cut any shape from almost all leather very precisley. Ranging from small animal fur to a bull‘s whole skin, soft leathers, firm leathers-we have no limitations. Simply send us your sample or cut, we will take care of everything else. CNC cutting machines ensure an efficient use of the dermis and minimise waste through optimal delivery possibilities.Saving you not only material but- crucially- also time. Generally blanks can be cut very quickly after material receipt.